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About this event

\"La Fille Mal Gardée\" celebrates the pastoral life of 18th Century France - where love triumphed wealth. A fun comedic ballet with beautiful sets, costumes, and Cuban ballet stars - the mother of a precocious girl named Lise keeps her at home in hopes she\'ll marry the son of a wealthy businessman. But stubborn Lise is in love with Colas - a boy with very little. Choreographed by Jean Dauberval, the ballet premiered at the Grand Theatre de Bordeaux in 1789 - two weeks before the French Revolution. It is a landmark of modern ballet repertory - having lived through many revivals, title changes, and six scores. The Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami continues to recognize the work, dedication, and cultural legacy of dance in our community by prominent teachers and choreographers of our city - honoring them with the \"Artistic Achievement Award\". At this performance, it will be presented to former Cuban ballerina and founder/director of the Balletique Dance School of Miami, Mrs. Rosa Aloma.