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About this event

FLORIAN NOACK (Belgium) ?Packed with timbres, shades, and effects: Noack gathers the orchestral glory in his grand piano and lets every nuance be heard. Virtuosity as a means to an end; an ability that is completely at the service of sensual interpretation.? Crescendo Magazine Lecturer in Residence: Prof. Frank E. Cooper Bach/Noack Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G Major BWV 1048 Allegro moderato Adagio in E minor Allegro Rimsky ? Korsakov / Noack Sheherazade The Sea and Sinbad\'s Ship Largo e maestoso ? Lento ? Allegro non troppo ? Tranquillo The Kalandar Prince Lento ? Andantino ? Allegro molto ? Vivace scherzando ? Moderato assai ? Allegro molto ed animato The Young Prince and The Young Princess - Andantino quasi allegretto ? Pochissimo più mosso ? Come prima ? Pochissimo più animato Festival at Baghdad. The Sea. The Ship Breaks against a Cliff Surmounted by a Bronze Horseman Allegro molto ? Lento ? Vivo ? Allegro non troppo e maestoso ? Tempo come Liszt / Lyapunov Transcende